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Electrolux Claims to Know Ass from Elbow but Presents No Evidence

It’s a busy week in chaos at Electrolux, with: Electrolux dropping hints of Keith McLoughlin stepping down from CEO position Various rumors that Keith’s family has left Sweden for the United States.  (why the hell would they want to leave Sweden?) Keith McLoughlin saying he’s staying with Electrolux to see the company’s way through… Continue Reading

Cort Is Out Of Session

Peter Cort: “After 47 years of the appliance industry, the last 17 years at a combination of Goldman/Sub Zero, I’ve decided it’s was time to do something else. I have been proud to work for Sub Zero-East as VP New Jersey.What do I mean by “something else”?  Retirement, Golf and Fishing are at the top… Continue Reading

News Item: Ex-Apple Engineers Pee on Tree

If it seems that this is about all it takes for ex-Apple Engineers to make news, you would be right. Well two, unemployed Apple Engineers launched a counter top oven and were able to leverage their ex-Apple status for some breathless levels of media exposure including (Forbes, Fortune, TechCrunch, WSJ, Slate, Yahoo, The Verge) and… Continue Reading

God, Through Local Regional Manager, Suggests Climate Change Deniers are Idiots

God’s Opinion on Climate Change and the Environment, was summarized by his district sales manager, Pope Francis, into 10 easily digestible Christian Commandment chunks, perfect for chiseling on any Alabama courthouse.  God only wasted one commandment, #6, on self-serving……but it was a soft-sell. Washington Post Way better than the original Ten Commandments, which was overstuffed… Continue Reading

In Electrolux News

Let’s see if we can’t summarize all the Electrolux appliance bullshit of the last few months: September 2014 Electrolux History of Firing People Reviewed April 3, 2015 GE Appliance Burns Down April 8, 2015 Electrolux President Jack Truong “Steps Down” Not only the facts of, but also a handy reminder why, I… Continue Reading

New Book from Richard Kalsi

Ex-Capital Cooking president Richard Kalsi has published a novel, the “The Stove-Junker” under what I believe to be his true name S.K. Kalsi. Is it filled with the Sex, Murder, Espionage, International mayhem that we have come to expect from our beloved industry? Note:  No attempt was made by to reach LG for comment.… Continue Reading

A Changing of the Guard: Tom Tino

17-3/4 years after joining Masco’s Thermador cooking subsidiary, Tom Tino, a relative newcomer to appliances, is leaving Thermador, Bosch and a transformed industry, all for the very last time.  A witness to Thermador’s slow arrogance-fueled strangulation, Tom was instrumental in its eventual Phoenix-like resurgence. Though this editor worked side by side with Tom only his… Continue Reading

Dishwashers Implicated in Epidemic of Allergy and Auto-Immune Illnesses

Just in time for Sub-Zero Dishwasher entry………………. A Swedish study has found that dishwashers, and the hyper-clean western lifestyle may be the cause of the epidemic of Allergies. Eczema, an auto-immune disease, was found to be less likely in families who washed their dishes by hand, and more likely in families that used dishwashers.  Could… Continue Reading

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