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ULine Management Resigns en Masse

The President, VP of Sales, and CFO from U-Line have all resigned in the March – May period so says reader.  His comment, “The Middleby Honeymoon is over.” Middleby is breaking eggs all over the place.  Is there really an omelette in all of this mess? Continue Reading

New Home Pro-Style BBQ Line from New Commercial Line. New Pro-Style Cooking Probably On Way?

Tens (hundreds?) of Millions of new $$ is entering the high end appliance industry with the goal of gutting what’s left of the Viking market. Entrepreneur Stanley Cheng, chairman of Hestan Corp, a juggernaut of cookware brands (yes cookware like Circulon, Anolon, even Farberware, and myriad of basic and celebrity cookware lines), is shoveling money… Continue Reading

GE Sold to Haier

GE Sold to Haier

With the sale of high cost GE to low cost Haier, we wonder, what will become of all those GE employees, not involved in sales, marketing, and product localization. With Chinese factory workers making a tiny fraction of US wages, and the recent slow down in the Chinese economy making those workers both less expensive… Continue Reading

Ugly Step-child Still Jammed Up in Abusive Family

After the umpteenth attempt to dump appliances, GE is again jammed up with its least loved business. Makes for an awkward Christmas divisional dinner Maybe TV ad-man, GE’s Engineer Owen can finally impress friends by telling them: “I design the machines that wash your clothes, and dishes, heat your water, cook your food.  Punk.  I… Continue Reading

Dacor President Steve Joseph Resigns

Dacor president Stephen Joseph, grandson of the founder, has resigned, decades short of a full career.  The factors driving the change are not immediately known. The position will not be filled, as existing CEO Charles J. Huebner will take over the duties of the president.  (which could, I imagine, have been part of the problem. … Continue Reading

Middleby Sues Fred Carl for $100M

Middleby claims that Viking stoves suck more than Middleby had expected, what with their cool ability to turn on their gas burners by themselves.  (which to me seems like a feature, not a defect).  Did we know that Middleby had paid $380M for Viking?  Well we do now. The chances that Middleby gets anything close… Continue Reading

GE’s Coming Ultra-Efficient Ultra-Sonic Dryer

Interesting work in low-energy ultra-sonic drying at Oakridge National Laboratories, may result, finally, in a low energy appliance-based drying option. Here’s hoping that GE or Electrolux are able to get this thing built. Mentalfloss DOE: Novel Ultra-Low-Energy Consumption Ultrasonic Clothes Dryer Popular Mechanics   Continue Reading

Middleby Rewarded for Buying AGA

Middleby is rewarded for buying AGA, and it’s been about time someone was.  As Middleby acquires AGA Range (and all of the other orphan brands that AGA includes) Middleby’s stock continues to ride high, nearly doubling in value since September 2014. It is an interesting mix and match assortment of brands which includes the dessicated,… Continue Reading

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