Cartoon:  Healthy Eating

Cartoon: Healthy Eating

Healthy eating for active on-the-go Americans!

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  1. Cows killed ? Of course. They are raised for the purpose of human consumption.We were all taught both at home and in school to eat balanced meals and to learn our ABC’s. Now schools teach kids how to be tolerant of every issue and to be careful what they say. That has helped reduce the dictionary by half .Schools want to make kids feel good and not tell them that they may have failed at something for fear of long term damage to their self esteem.Kids can only have failed humans to look up to since God has been banned and parents are attacked by the social engineering group that has a better way. That and all successful people are battered in the media. All of that and the fact that the next generation of parents now raising children were brought up the same way.Hoping that some of those kids ignored the stupidity now taught in schools the number getting through is still way too big. Of course those are everyone’s choices. Tear down the institutions that made this country great and listen to all of the low level socialist agitators that create global warming with all of their hot air. For those of you old enough remember the Students for a Democratic Society ? These are the retreads that think they can bring that back. Make everyone ashamed of all we have done and poke fun at a society that expects people to stand on their own and hold people accountable for their actions.Why should there be a value system ? The only value system is that twisted sense of purpose rung up by the socialist movement. 
    • Couldn’t agree with you more Stallion. And I think every rational person will look at all of the issues you mentioned and realize that none of it has anything to do with a real concern for our kids, their health, our environment or anything else. It is all about and always will be about control. My best proof of this (and there is a lot of proof) is the environmental issues we face. Wind power could be a great source of alternative energy but the environmentalists are doing their best to keep it from being a viable solution. It is almost impossible to put up wind turbines (even with Immelt an insider). Why? A few birds might get killed. The energy company has to literally search every square foot of the acres around a wind turbine almost daily to look for dead birds (compared to the Health Department not inspecting a murderous abortion clinic in Philadelphia because they don’t feel like it). Want to build a solar farm in a desert? Can’t, you might kill a turtle. And then force our kids to learn songs in school about boycotting big business but don’t you dare let them think of saying a prayer……Prayer we need, and a lot of it, and right now!

    • Finally seems sad to us that your agenda is so all-consuming that you did not get the joke of the cartoon.

      See the lady is pulling out what is the healthiest part of any fast food hamburger, the lettuce, based on several news reports of Salmonella.

      The humor is that she thinks eating that fatty fatty fatty burger, and bread, and cheese, and french fries, and Coke is healthy, while the lettuce is unhealthy based on the very low chance that the lettuce is contaminated.  
      Her beliefs about "healthy eating" are clearly wrong based on the family’s physical enormity, and that the kids look like blood engorged ticks, and the salt, and the fat, and the crap in that dinner.  You the reader can look down upon our cartoon stars and know how wacky they are to think that. 
      Dang that’s some good comedy!

      Take a minute and laugh, I’ll wait.

      And the cows?  A throw away line, that amused us (meat eaters), while also being true.  Lots of cows get a nail driven into their heads to make hamburgers, but that is for the better of course.  Everyone knows that cows are socialists.

  2. … it ain’t what it is, it’s what ya call it !!!

    I originally posted this in another topic, but it stands repeating, especially as it relates to this topic …


    Essentially, we live in a society today which loves to put all sorts of alarming labels on things, trends, and aspects of our lives to push their own – sometimes convoluted – agenda … which then sets off a domino-like chain of events … This compounds things, when the the root cause/solution is quite simply, simple !!!

    Here is my favourite example:


    We are said to have an "EPIDEMIC OF OBESITY" …  
    While we certainly have more "chubby" people than ever, we actually have an epidemic of people who eat the wrong foods because they no longer actually cook at home, opting, instead, for (A) fast-food (B) eat out chain restaurants, and all sorts of (C) convenience foods, which are OK in moderation now-and-then, but when one’s lifestyle is driven by this trend, they become overweight on "empty calories" … Those "empty calories", along with other health-demons like salt, have little or no healthy impact on your body, not only in weight but in gastro-intestinal, cardiac, dermatological, and other problems … Everything from chronic HeartBurn to other, more severely impact-full problems … As a GI Nurse told us once, 75% of the people who visited them would not need to do so if they ate well !!!  

    So, our Epidemic of Obesity is really an Epidemic of Eating Poorly !!!


    Now, these epidemics cause yet another epidemic … the Epidemic of Diabetes … Any one of the those from the increasing numbers in our population who has been diagnosed, knows that their diet has to be controlled, principally, by paying specific attention to the ingestion of carbohydrates … "Carbs" are most often found in those foods which have caused the Epidemic of Obesity … along with the other health-demons, like salt … 


    So, eliminate a large percentage of your "carbs" (and other health-demons) and lose weight … Lose weight and your diabetes will reduce substantially and so might the medications you’ll need to control your health !!!   So …Eat Better … Lose Weight … Live Longer thru simply eating healthfully !!!


    Want a solution to the "Health Care Crisis" ???   Well, we don’t have any lack of Health Care … we have the best Health Care available world-wide … What we have is a crisis of not being able to equitably and universally pay for Health Care for everyone, but that’s another discussion for another time …


    Anyway, the easiest step toward getting a handle on Health Care expenses is to simply eliminate them … eliminate them by eliminating the need for them on a large scale !!!   If you reduce the "Epidemic of Obesity" by eating more responsibly, then you reduce the "Epidemic of Diabetes" and, as the French say …


    "Voila !!!"  

  3. One of my favourite commentators, Mark Bitman addressed this topic today in a piece in the NYTimes … Here’s the link:



    We all have the opportunity to CHOOSE to live healthfully, and it’s a shame if we, as a society, make the wrong choice, but to not reduce the outside influences on our children is as irresponsible as saddling them with our national debt !!!

    • I think changing careers for some here would be a healthy thing until you became an expert at whatever you would choose to change to. At that point you could switch again. See the pattern there ? Bob…any other subject you are an expert in or do I just assume you know everything and like very little ? Have you counted your blessings today ? I trust I have not offended you in any way.
  4. It is an interesting paradox that, while the Chinese have take a great deal of our manufacturing to their factories, they have also taken unto themselves our diet !!!


    The next time you have a need for an interesting trivia question is to ask, here’s one …

    "Who was the first fast-food corporation to establish itself in China ???"  


    The answer is "Yum Foods" … the purveyours of "KFC" "Taco Bell" and "Pizza Hut" … not McDonald’s, but they were not far behind !!!


    The average Chinese has increased his yearly ingesting of red meat by over 150% … proving that their hunger for our way of life is not restricted to just industrial commerce …


    Somehow, in a very ironic way, this all certainly proves that you get the good with the bad, eh ??? 

  5. Reuters reports that McDonald’s shareholders rejected a plan requiring the company to outline its role in childhood obesity.  It was also decided that Ronald McDonald, a fictional spokesperson fronting for a burger syndicate would remain the key "pusher" in their strategy to hook and exploit kids when young, and control every street corner in America. 

    Coincidentally, Reuters reports that McDonald’s director of it’s board, Miles White is CEO of Abbott Laboratories, a maker of cholesterol-lowering statins, heart stents.


    Abbott Labs


    • I am not sure of the point you are attempting to make, if any. What role would McDonalds have in childhood obesity? McDonalds sells food. To have a meal at McDonalds one must make a choice to go to a McDonalds and make a choice from a menu that contains a variety of items including salads, grilled chicken and hamburgers. In the added case of a child, the parent holds all of the cards, since very few children I know have jobs and make money. McDonalds has no more role in childhood obesity than Kroger, Safeway, Stop & Shop or any grocery store.


      I will go farther suggest no other company on the face of the earth feeds more homeless people than McDonalds. The fact that McDonalds has been able to maintain their dollar menu in these times, keeping their food affordable in my mind should be praised and studied.


      If you and the anti fast food zealots want to go hunting for childhood obesity bogeymen, I would suggest your local school cafeteria would be a much better target. These places are notorious for serving some of the worst food known to man.

  6. Speaking of McDonalds and obesity. I have a 4 year old son whose favorite place to eat is McDonalds. He has been eating cheesburgers on a fairly regular basis since he was two years old. He is fairly active and is THIN. While McDonalds does not run a health food store your point that they are no worse than what our government chooses to feed kids in government schools is accurate. And when it comes to calories, as long as you burn as many as you take in you will not get obese. The average kid today spends over 4 hours per day in front of the TV. I say TV is the problem. Enjoy a Big Mac and go for a jog. Life is good!

    • … your logic, Mate !!!   There is a cumulative affect of ingestion of the type of ingredients in a Big Mac and/or the majority of "fast foods" which exercise will simply not expunge !!!


      Even the Head of McDonald’s admitted in a CNBC documentary that ingestion of their classic products was "… a choice …"    I would say that it is "… a choice …" we ought to be teaching our kids how to make, and one which will undoubtedly come with consequences and none of them good, except to the taste buds, temporarily … 



  7. Since the area was getting little narrow, I moved to a full wide space to continue the conversation here:


    Re:  "Decadent Foods"

    I define "decadent foods" as those like specialty foods – certainly not fast foods – which offer more than simply a modicum of stimulation to one’s taste receptors … For me they are cheeses, breads, and rich foods such as my sauces I have written about previously …  I realize that I need to make a choice … (A) Re-formulate them or (B) Enjoy them in substantive moderation … Sometimes I do (A) and sometimes I do (B) … usually because (A) compromises taste, texture, or practicum … 


    I have certain food allergies which I can only "eat around" and so I do, using alternative measures to realize the same preferential effects as I would if I could consume them sans cooking … It’s not any more difficult than making some things from scratch … It simply takes a little more consciousness and time … and I think taking the time to eat healthfully is a good expenditure and much better than waiting for a waitress @ some chain restaurant to get your less heathly order … 


    Re:  Freedom of Choice

    Yes, our Constitution allows you to consume what you wish, but then you have little or no reason to participate in a conversation about Health Care costs, because the odds are that you will become part of the problem before you are part of the solution …


    Re:  Deep Frying …

    My understanding has always been that (A) Emersing anything in oil causes it to absorb and inordinate about of the oil, which needs not to be consumed, and (B) The oils used have a flash point which does not support successful preparation of the foods, and (C) Many chefs then compound the problem by salting the fried food while it is still "sticky" from the oil … meaning someone else is deciding the salt you are ingesting … 

    I’ll pass, thank you very much … 


    Re:  "Healthy" Eaters …

    I understand the reticence many have about those emaciated people they see who proclaim to be anything and everything foreign to your diet … I assure you that I agree that something is wrong there … 

    I simply suggest that there is such a thing as responsible eating and that by being cognizant of such things as salt, preservatives, and cooking methods, one can live a life less dependant on medications, physicians, and clinicians … 

    I have always said that if any of us die from the same myriad of medical problems our family did, they ought to engrave "Died Stupid" on your gravestone … We have the access to information and ought not to squander our abilities to digest it and put it to use … 

    • You don’t need to point shit out to people concerning how any of us eat. Can you imagine someone tuning in to see how stupid this conversation is. You are the one with the health problems so take your own advice and we can do without the Orson Welles drama. Although you make every third Sunday a funny one when you spring that enormous leak.I am waiting for more of your intellectual comments on the high end industry and more importantly on your bullpen full of republican candidates that can’t manage themselves out of a wet paper bag. Now … I have to go drink my thicky , warm chicken gravy while you go read the constitution. You have again made my day.Please have a wnderful calorie filled Sunday evening. Perhaps you can piss on a dry , saltless cracker and that could be your dinner.Oh… Perry has that for lunch……… sorry. How "decadent" of me.

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