Capital Claims it has Best Open Burner

Capital Claims it has Best Open Burner

In testing performed at Capital Range Corporation’s west coast laboratory, Capital’s new Culinarian open burner range was shown to be the leader in speed and efficiency.  See all the test results on the People’s Cooktop Test.  Few as efficient.  None as fast.

President Surjit Kalsi said, "

This test is direct comparison with Blue Star listed in your previous list. The Blue Star Efficiency under same conditions is = 29%. Our Burner is almost 26% more efficient."

If Capital lives up to its claims, Surjit may have once again changed the industry.

Want to test your own range or cooktop?  Get off your butt and follow the test proceedures linked above.  So simple, even you can do it.

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  1. Does that mean the burner is 26% more efficient than the 29% , which would make it roughly 36% efficient or is Surjit saying it is 55% efficient ? Is this a play on words or what ? My guess is Blue Star has some decent engineers and Surjit needs to clarify his comments to a more accurate level.If you want to claim something so important be accurate. The picture of this burner does not look to be nearly twice as efficient in my view.Primary air being the key, that would be nearly impossible.
    • I think that most of you are aware of the "do it yourself" burner test we developed for people to test their own equipment, and submit for publication.  The procedure is so simple that we have agreed to its use by one of the Big Five brands to send to customers who worried that their equipment was malfunctioning to convince them that in fact their cooktop or range is performing perfectly. 

      The results are imperfect individually, but it is the bulk of the results which are fun and imformative to read.  It can be helpful in divining which emperor is wearing clothes and which is not.
      One data point, even one data point from a professional organization is not enough to divine much of anything.  We need more points.  If Blue Star wishes to provide official burner test results, we will publish…..or anyone’s test results, we will publish.

      As background for Capital.  Capital submitted testing based on industry standard test procedures but which were not identical to our People’s Test.  We requested a retest following our own test, and they did resubmit, 2 days later.


    • At what BTU rating ? NG or LP ?.That would be a good accomplishment if true at consumer used BTU ratings. Surjit is a very good gas engineer but this is like ….wow….The saying is to be good you need some luck. Has the confluence caught up with the master of gas ?
  2. Would like to see more details , since gas is generally rated in a 28% overall effieceny and elec at 9-12%, and induction higher. But burners can be rated very differently- with amount of gas used and the transfer of heat conducted- which can be all over the scale.

    • Surjit has gotten the attention he has wanted. He is a good engineer but I can tell you his products at DCS were more simplified and less complicated but those products NEVER out performed any Dacor products and I can surely attest to that since I was at both organizations. Surjit and his partners could smooze better than most.Mike and Tony made certain the product worked as accurately as advertised. More complicated ? Yes. Some issues ? Yes, but they all got worked out quickly.I await Blue Star’s response to this arrow Surjit has thrown.
  3. Over the past 30 some odd years in the stove industry- I have seen alot of claims- all agencies are to test to the same standards- but alot of strange things can happen in different labs- at one time it was only aga or ul and we all use one for gas and one for elec, then a few new labs-opened a much lower cost for results- it was a way to get approvals at a better cost. The DOE, back in the late 70’s and early 80’s started to test appliances and found out very fast how bad they really were- they decided to drop it at that time- they did not want consumers to know just how bad appliances really were. Times have since changed and labs started to not permit paid consultants on the lab floor, this took away all the little fixes we could do to get products through. Its time if a company wants to test and make statements that a true comparison be made with a INDEPENDENT test lab.Same gas-same vessel-same pressure-etc etc-this is not a easy thing to do-plus cost not cheap. Talk can be.

    • Many of us that communicate with each other off line are waiting for the advertisement to become public. All I hear from people who have seen it is that it is "nice" Hardly industry changing. Those that have said nice are sucking up for a field test model. However , I know those waiting to purchase to accurately test this high efficiency. This tough market I surmise will require substance in performance vs a comment from those who actually manufacture it. That would apply to any product by anyone.
  4. Any word on the technical data showing the super high efficient burner that is efficient to 36 % on an open flame….Just curious. Not sure it would change the industry but it could be good if accurate. Here is hoping.
  5. This thread reads like a cliffhanger.  Humble pie or no humble pie?

    Why hasn’t this been brought to conclusion?  I’ve seen the new Capital Culinarians in retail appliance shops and they still claim 23K BTUs.  Is this false?  How could they get away with it if it’s false?

    Inquiring minds want to know?

    BrightFutureFoods – Think Organic

    • Well I must say the pictures below show a wonderful product but the flames look like a 1,000 BTU pilot light. If the efficiency is 36% of the 23,000 BTU burner I am a monkey’s uncle. Just like the Beach Boys sang. Surjit has produced another nice product that looks like it won’t fail because it is fundamentally simple. That is certainly a good thing. But does it boil water ? It certainly must simmer sauces. I certainly would purchase one because of the style and it probably cooks just fine.I don’t believe the hype though. 
      Beach Boys Monkey’s Uncle on you tube.
    • No one cares. People make claims , no one apparently wants to hold anyone accountable on their claims. No wonder this industry is in the crapper. Although I respect Surjit for his knowledge and his skill , I just can’t see this physically being possible given the physics involved. It is a very nice looking unit and probably will sell regardless of the efficieny rating. Good luck Capital.

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