BSH CEO of 4 months Tenure, Michael Steinle: Fired or Steps Down. Possible Exclusive

Sources tell us that effective January 1, 2015, BSH Home Appliance President and CEO, Michael Steinle, in the position only 4 months was Fired or Stepped down.  Steinle assumed the position on September 1, taking over from Michael Traub who departed for the Sealy / Serta merger, (and the fat pay check when they go public…….I mean it’s freaking mattresses….it has to be the money)

Steinle had 32 years with BSH under his belt, with stints as CEO of BSH UK and CEO of BSH Northern Europe.
What could someone with that kind of experience do to surprise his board (if he was fired)?  The head spins imagining.   After 32 years at BSH, decades of which were in executive positions, there are no surprises for the company to find out. So what was the surprise?
OR, conversely, was there a personal issue that Mr. Steinle had to deal with?  One of those unfortunate events that makes up a life, makes one reconsider one’s priorities and take a new path?

As of January 1, 2015, BSH has interim leadship by 13 year BSH veteran, Russell Dorsten.  Just in time for CES, International Builder’s Show, and KBIS.  It’s going to make for awkward meetings.

Best of luck to Russell.


2 Responses to BSH CEO of 4 months Tenure, Michael Steinle: Fired or Steps Down. Possible Exclusive

  1. Certainly a short career, that’s for sure, as head of North America. One has to suspect that it is totally unrelated to the performance of BSH as they had an excellent 2014. Herr Steinle seemed like an upstanding individual but he must have done something very serious to get fired and fired he was.

  2. And yet 11 days later, the change remains a secret except for, and we’ve looked. If we didn’t have complete trust in our sources, we’d be a little more freaked out about it.

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