Big Green Egg Requires Dealers Sign Loyalty Oath: EXCLUSIVE

The Big Green Egg BBQ/Smoker has required all of its distributors to get current dealers of the Big Green Egg to sign an oath of loyalty and fidelity, promising to love The Big Green Egg forever and ever.  Who doesn’t love LOVE?  We love LOVE.  There is much to say for LOVE, even edge-of-the-bell-curve LOVE which includes:

  • boiling your true love’s pet rabbit
  • or stalking your true love from work, to home, to gym, and then back home….and then sleeping in the bushes
  • or even burning down your true love’s home and then saving your true love to be finally recognized as the hero you are…..while, strategically, not saving the parents who have kept you apart.  (Crazy!  They said……well, I’ll show them crazy!)
It’s LOVE……and there’s no wrong way to do it! 
So we congratulate Big Green Egg for expressing their LOVE in the only way they know how, by forcing patronage and an expression (if not a feeling) of LOVE right back at them from their dealers.  Only one thing says LOVE more strongly than a Pre-Nup and that’s a Post-Nup.

The agreement stipulates that dealers will not sell products which compete with Big Green Egg, and that dealers will not sell Eggs on the internet, as evidently, COSCO has.  Dealers who do not sign the agreement will be canceled.  Distributors who fail to enforce the policy will be canceled.  We understand that The Big Green Egg is miffed at the possibility, and maybe even the reality of leads being directed to displaying dealers, only to have those dealers sell another brand.  Though we sympathize, this cure might be several times worse than the ailment.

Dealers who fail to sign this agreement could consider some of these Egg-shaped options.

3. Big Green Egg has further determined that the sale of its products is enhanced by having Distributors and Dealers that are loyal to Big Green Egg and committed to the use of their best efforts to achieve maximum distribution and sale of Big Green Egg products. Therefore, Big Green Egg prohibits its Distribution and Dealers from selling competitive products.

4. If a Big Green Egg Distributor or Dealer violates any of these policies, Big Green Egg will cease to sell Big Green Egg products to that Distributor or Dealer if the violation continues 45 days from notice to that effect. In addition if a Big Green Egg Distributor sells a Big Green Egg product to a Dealer or other customer who violates any of these policies, Big Green Egg will withdraw from that Distributor all rights to purchase or sell Big Green Egg products if the violation continues 45 days from notice to that effect.

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