Appliance Sales Predicted to Decline Starting 2050

Global appliance demand is expected to level off in 2040 and decline in 2050 and beyond, reflecting the health of a key component of appliance sales, consumers.  The population of non-refugee consumers will begin a long ever-steepening drop, culminating in a collapse towards the end of the century.

Major manufacturers have begun the difficult process of “skunking” out a future to stave off the prediction, brain storming such ideas as portables, and manual operated appliances.

What these War Room plans have failed to solve, tipsters tell us, is in protecting supply lines.  How to guarantee components and materials in-bound for assembly, and out-bound for distribution of finished goods.  We expect that the further development of 3D printing may be the path forward.  Appliance brands reduced to design, engineering and testing, while manufacturing and assembly are performed in-home.   Really a fantastic idea to bypass the collapse of order and transportation infrastructure.

The manufacturer association’s Currency of Trade Special Working Group, has not had their first meeting, but we would not be surprised if some form of barter were suggested for 2100 and beyond.
Will this be enough to keep the industry healthy long after the primary demographic has disappeared?  We’ll stay on top of the issue.

NY Times

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  1. You editors and your chicken little , sky is falling approach. This takes us back to the cave man days. Another band wagon theory. This is right up there with global warming. People will still eat provided it is not against the law. I guess if the future population “tip toes through the tulips ” the people will eat all natural raw veggies and fruits. Me , I will bet on newer technology appliances that will take hold . That is unless Al Gore bans appliances. Editor … Is this an opening for someone to write a book on this and make money on another foolish idea ? Come on now you can tell me. I won’t tell anyone I promise !

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