Know a person (or group) who has developed an innovation, or accomplished something fantastic for our industry?
In technology, manufacturing, design, packaging, sales, products, marketing, distribution, regulation, financing, advertising, journalism or something else appliance related which has revolutionized our industry?
Know someone who has made an unrecognized contribution which dramatically improved the lives of our customers, our industry or the environment?
Feel free to think outside the box.

It’s finally time for these people to be recognized, but we need you to do it.

Follow this link to send in your nominations.


  1. Come on guys………the response so far is underwhelming.
    In your careers, you must have known or met, or rubbed shoulders with great men and woman unrecognized for their greatness.  Should only stars of screen be recognized for their over-paid employment?  Are we not worthy of the red carpet, the flashing bulbs and snide criticism of our plunging and deeply cut designer wear?  I say we are.  You are.  We here, all of us, are engaged everyday in great things.  When peoples around the world want what we have, their thoughts are of the drudgery we have banished, and the ease of living which our customers take for granted.  The products of our industry have long been the tip of the sword defining what it is to be a developed country, to be middle class, to have successfully scratched and clawed up from the daily scratching and clawing of survival.  Our products demonstrate that one has risen above subsistance, and this we should not forget.

    Are we engaged in daily miracles?  Is our work the work of a higher power?  We are not.  It is not.  It is the work of people like you who have found greatness within.  That greatness needs to be recognized.  Make your nominations for the Appliance Hall of Fame.

    Follow this link to send in your nominations.

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