All right everyone, time’s up.
Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance
These are the 5 stages of grief.

Tell me that we’ve all gotten to Acceptance.
The past is not prologue, it’s just past.  It’s time to quietly move our things into the empty offices with the windows, and to call IT to switch our phones over there.  It’s time to purge the rolodex, the speed dial, and the voice calling feature on the cell phone we never figured out.  These people are never coming back, so feel free to steal their Aeron chair, their hole punch, their tape dispenser, their file cabinets, anything not nailed down.  Feel free to dump their certificates and degrees and attendance awards into a box that with luck will be mailed back to the victim.  Since he/she only hung them to intimidate you, also feel free to chuckle quietly to youself. 

They are gone, let’s move on.

While we’re at it.  Tell me that you aren’t still correcting the forecast from 2007, and 2008.  Why do that?  Do you hate yourself?  Burn the old forecasts.  Start anew, start afresh.  Are you still kvetching about how bad things are?  Time’s up.  We were reborn on October 1.  Data older than October 1 is simple fantasy.  Let’s start hearing how sales this week are a little up or a little down from last week.  Keep it simple.

And what about all this crap that we still make?  Why are we making this stuff?  Why are we selling this stuff?  All the focus group reports, all the market research, all the Powerpoint presentations that supported producing this stuff came from before October 1, before an Economic collapse, Political revolution, and an Energy boom and bust.  Is that really what people need, what people want?  Do you actually know what’s going on out there?  All this talk about "who is", and "who is not" exhibiting at KBIS misses the main point that this KBIS is the most important KBIS of our careers.  Shouldn’t we all be there, catching up with the other survivors, and trying to piece together our futures?

We’ll be rebuilding an entire industry, and we need your head in the game.

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