ApplianceAdvisor.com was officially launched April 7, 2000 at the Kitchen and Bath Show in Chicago, but we have been online and growing since October 1999.

ApplianceAdvisor.com, a free major appliance web portal, publishes all the information that consumers, dealers, kitchen designers, servicers, distributors, the media or manufacturers need in the realm of major appliances.  The main focus of Phase I has been the compilation of all existing online resources.  There are some great gems out there, but there’s also quite a bit of web chum <noun: chopped fish or other matter thrown overboard to attract fish>.  Phase II is the development of original content, and there is a mind numbing amount of content creation ahead of us.

We believe that our editorial mandate is to be the straight shooter in the major appliance world.  Most major appliance information sites have a residue of bias which could better be described as a gooey sludge of happy-talk drivel.  The product review equivalent of a 60’s love-in.  How can those people look at themselves in the mirror?  Mindless boosterism is too boring.  Let the chips fall where they may.

At the end of the day all we want is for the manufacturers to create better appliances that don’t screw up the planet too much, AND for consumers to have access to unbiased product information.

If ApplianceAdvisor plays some part in reaching these goals, then our job is done.

Alex Cheimets
Managing Editor / Publisher

Nancy Benson

Martin Benson

Kim Gobbi

Neihui Kuo
Legal / Advertising / Accounting

Tim Hinkel, OrcaPack, Inc.
Contact: thinkel@orcapack.com

Industry Contributors
Too many to name, but without whom this service would not be possible.

28 School Street
Arlington, MA  02476
Contact:  advisor@applianceadvisor.com


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