A Changing of the Guard: Tom Tino

17-3/4 years after joining Masco’s Thermador cooking subsidiary, Tom Tino, a relative newcomer to appliances, is leaving Thermador, Bosch and a transformed industry, all for the very last time.  A witness to Thermador’s slow arrogance-fueled strangulation, Tom was instrumental in its eventual Phoenix-like resurgence.

Though this editor worked side by side with Tom only his first week as he replaced me, I’ve had cause to work with him in a product development capacity for years.

Stubborn, gritty, principled and equal parts surly and bemused. A deeply private, private life notable for a legendary devotion.

He walks the corridors of Thermador a final time on Friday March 27, 2015 to begin a well earned retirement, and takes with him the last snippets of original Thermador brand DNA.

Though never a fan of ApplianceAdvisor, we are certainly fans of his.  Thank you sir for your service.

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